Broken Garage Doors and Tracks

Do you have a Broken Garage Door or have a garage door falling out of its tracks? Did a teenager back into the door and mess some panels up? There are a lot of parts to how a garage door actually works regardless if you have an automatic opener or not. Hinges can break. Rollers can seize. How do I say the next one nicely? Accidents happen? Cars bump into garage doors and unfortunately, little bumps can sometimes cause big problems. Garage doors also simply fatigue. The garage door track can become mangled and the door can fall out! This can be dangerous to anyone nearby, but one broken thing can cause others to break.

Broken Door From Accident 1

Garage Door was ran into by a car and almost fell down.

These pictures are from a little car accident with the garage door. The car bumped into the door and bent it. When the owner tried to operate the door, the opener ripped the door out of the track and bent it even worse. This can usually be repaired! Reinforcements can be added and dents can be hammered out. Couple of able hands and a replacement roller that was lost, and this door was back up and running great.

Broken Door From Accident 2

The door is out of the track, bent, and in serious need of repair


If you have any concerns about fixing your broken garage door call one of our techs today and chat with us for a minute. We can usually be onsite to address your concerns that same day and we don’t charge extra for weekends or evenings. When we can, and where cost effective, we will repair your door. Sure, we can sell you a new door, but many times that is an unnecessary cost when your door has many more years of useful life left in it.

Updated: October 27, 2014 - Garage Door Repair