Garage Door Gallery

This is our Misc. Garage Door Repair Gallery. We’ll try and update this page periodically with some images of garage doors and other related images. Our blog will have more stories along with photos and tips, and those may be cross posted here.


Jammed and Damaged Door from neglect

Jammed and Damaged Garage Door from neglect of maintenance


Old Garage Door Needs Fixed!

If your Garage Door looks like this, it might be time to replace it!

There is something fascinating about old garage doors. Not sure if that’s because that’s the business we’re in, but whether it’s a front door or a garage door, climbing in through a window seems a lot harder than using the door. I personally haven’t seen someone try and park a car inside the garage through a window, but I’m sure it’s been tried.


Old Garage Door

Another door that’s had a couple of days of use.

Now, with that being said about old garage doors, it’s also nice to see a newly installed set of doors on a nice clean house. Hard to argue with the curb appeal increase from a new garage door on a home, especially one that may be an old wooden door that’s starting to fall apart.

Newly installed Utah Garage Door

New Garage Door with windows.


Updated: March 2, 2015 - Garage Door Repair