How can I prepare my garage door for winter?

Along with all the other questions I get, when things get real busy for us as the first snow starts flying, I get asked this question a bunch. Of course, I get it asked much more about this time of year compared to say June. I can understand why though. I’m a big proponent of proper garage door maintenance. Take care of your door, and it will last much longer and you’ll see less of me. Doesn’t make much sense coming from a guy running a garage door repair business, does it? There are plenty of wear and tear items on and door and plenty of neglected garage doors. Helping people take care of their doors isn’t going to put me out of business any time soon.

Have you looked out your window and seen something like this? Get your garage door in proper shape today!

Have you looked out your window and seen something like this? Get your garage door in proper shape today!

Now, I know the reason business gets crazy right about now, is because the snow and cold makes it so people want to make sure they can park inside their garage. Not out of it. I’ve come up with a few things you can do to make sure you’re not parking out in the ice and cold.

  • Make sure your door is tuned up. That means well lubricated moving parts, etc. I like heavy 40 or 50 weight motor oil.
  • Check the roller track to make sure that it is clear of any obstructions.
  • Check the balance of your garage door by disengaging the automatic opener and making sure it runs smoothly by hand.
  • Use your door regularly to make sure it doesn’t freeze up after large winter storms.

Not sure what to do if something ends up being fishy? Give us a call. GEM Garage Repair is more than happy to help service your garage door, as long as you live in Northern Utah anyway. If you’ve got some crazy winter door problem in Alaska, well. Email us. As much as I’d like to see the Northern Lights, I’m going to pass on the plane ride to fix a single door so far away.

The cold is coming though. Don’t have your vehicles out in the muck. I hate scraping the snow of the car as much as the next guy. Hope that gives you some ideas and as always, call us if you need help. 801-896-4567